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1 may 2021 current affairs

China Launches Robot Prototype

China Launches Robot Prototype

China has launched a robotic prototype on 27 April 2021 in low Earth orbit. Developed by Shenzhen-based Origin Space, this 30 kg robot will pave the way for future technologies capable of mining on asteroids. China's NEO-01 will use a trap/net to collect debris and then, completely burn it through its electric propulsion system.

This NEO-01 was launched along with other satellites on China's Long March 6 rocket. It will also reach remote locations of space to observe small celestial bodies.

Space debris problem

Thousands of satellites are launched into space by various countries globally. As many satellites have exceeded their usage limits, many of them end up as junk/debris that eventually becomes a threat to other operating satellites.

23 oxygen plants will arrive in India by air from Germany

23 oxygen plants will arrive in India by air from Germany

These days, in view of the second fatal wave of Covid 19 in India, when millions of people of India are suffering from severe lack of oxygen due to Covid-19 and many Covid patients are dying due to lack of oxygen, then such In difficult times, Germany is ready to send a large oxygen production plant to India in about a week. German ambassador to India Walter J. Lindner informed about this on 28 April 2021. This oxygen plant will operate with the ability to provide oxygen to a large number of people. In view of the horrific situation of the Corona epidemic in the country, the Ministry of Defense has decided to bring 23 oxygen production plants from Germany by air. Officials said that each plant has a capacity to produce 40 liters of oxygen per minute and 2400 liters of oxygen per hour. In such a situation, 920 liters of oxygen will be produced every minute from these 23 plants.

One lakh oxygen concentrators to be purchased from PM Cares Fund

PM cares fund

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has approved the purchase of one lakh portable oxygen concentrators from the PM Cares Fund on April 28, 2021, amid the outbreak of the Corona epidemic in the country and the huge oxygen shortage. Under this fund, in addition to the already approved 713 Pressure Swing Abortion - PSA Plants, permission has also been granted to purchase 500 latest PSA Oxygen Plants. Establishment of PSA plants and purchase of portable oxygen concentrators will help greatly in increasing the supply of oxygen where demand is high.

These 500 PSA oxygen plants will be set up by the Technology and Domestic Manufacturer developed by the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) and the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR).

SII reduces the cost of Covishield vaccine for the states

Covishield vaccine

The Serum Institute of India (SII) has announced a cut in the price of the Covishield vaccine for the states. Serum Institute of India (SII) on April 28, 2021, has reduced the price of its Covishield vaccine from Rs 400 per dose to Rs 300 per dose for various state governments of India. The move comes after the central government urged the Serum Institute of India and Bharat Biotech to reduce the price of their Covid-19 vaccines, amid protests and criticism from several states in India.

The company's CEO Adar Poonawala tweeted and gave information about it. He said- I reduce the price of the vaccine given to the states by the Serum Institute of India from Rs 400 to Rs 300 per dose. The new price will be applicable with immediate effect. This will save the states thousands of crores of rupees. This will allow more people to get vaccinated and countless lives can be saved.

India ranked 49th in the Chandler Good Government Index (CGGI), 2021

CGGI india rank

India is ranked 49th in the Chandler Good Government Index (CGGI), 2021, among 104 countries globally in terms of governmental capabilities and outcomes. India's index score was 0.516. Finland ranks first in this index with a total of 0.848 points and is followed by Switzerland, Singapore, Netherlands, and Denmark respectively in the top 5 countries. Apart from India, Sri Lanka ranks 74th, Pakistan 90th and Nepal 92nd among South Asian countries.

Key points

i. The CGGI has been released by the Chandler Institute of Governance. It is a private non-profit organization headquartered in Singapore.

ii. This index classifies the governmental capabilities and outcomes of 104 countries.

iii. Each country is measured at more than 50 open data points. This index focuses on seven columns or parameters:

a. Leadership and foresight.

b. Strong laws and policies.

c. Strong institutions.

d. financial help.

e. Attractive market.

f. Global Influence and Reputation.

h. Helping to make people empowered.

Reliance Foundation to set up 1,000-bed Covid care facility in Jamnagar

Reliance Foundation

Reliance Foundation has decided to set up a 1,000-bed Covid care facility in Jamnagar, Gujarat with an oxygen supply. All these services will be made available to the citizens free of cost and along with installing these facilities, the entire cost of their operation will be borne by Reliance. These Covid care facilities are expected to provide relief to people living in Jamnagar, Dwarka, Khambhalia, Porbandar, and other areas of Saurashtra. At the same time, a 400-bed Covid Care facility will start in the Government Dental College and Hospital in Jamnagar in a week. After this, 600-bed Covid Care facility will be started at another place in Jamnagar in the next two weeks’ time.

Jio Platforms and Byju’s among 100 most influential companies in the world

Time magazine

Two Indian firms, Reliance's Jio Platforms and e-learning startup Byju’s, have been included in Time magazine's 100 Most Influential Companies of the Year 2021 list. Time magazine has mentioned on its website that, these companies shaping the future have been included in this list as the 100 most influential companies for the first time. Byju’s company was listed in the Describer category and Jio Platforms in the Innovators category.

The magazine made a list of such companies for the first time. The name of Jio platforms has been included in this list to bring about digital transformation in India. Time magazine said that in the last few years, Jio has built India's largest 4G network. Jio is offering 4G services at the lowest rates. Reliance Jio is selling 1 GB of data at an affordable price of Rs 5.

Apart from Reliance Jio, the list also includes Byju's, a company working in the field of education from India. Byju's is included in the rule-changing category (disruptive category) along with Tesla, Huawei, and Shopify. The list includes companies from various sectors including health care, entertainment, transportation, and technology. According to the magazine, the list is prepared after evaluating key factors including relevance, influence, innovation, leadership, ambition, and success.

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