·        Study class notes/coaching material prepared during self study.

·        Avoid cramming and always apply pin point approach (short tricks).

·        70-80% questions are derived from PYQ’s using different data.

·        Study NCERT for theoretical topics such as EMW.

·        Do approximate calculations if options are not of close range.



·        FOR PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY-Practice numerical, solve PYQ’s, understand concept and apply proper formulae.

·        FOR ORGANIC-Clear basic concepts such as isomerism, nomenclature, GOC-1, GOC-2 and follow NCERT.

·        FOR INORGANIC-Clear your concepts, learn exceptions, NCERT tables and revise multiple times.



·        Weightage of biology is 50% of total 720 marks.

·        Revise NCERT multiple times, highlight important points.

·        Average time to solve biology paper should be limited to 45 minutes.

·        Convert theory into flow charts.

·        Revise NCERT diagrams, tables.

·        Write forgetful points and examples.

·        Solve PYQ’s of each topics.

SHORT FORMS USED* : PYQ (Previous Year Questions) , EMW (Electromagnetic Waves) , GOC (General Organic Chemistry)